Service Options

At Baier Funeral Home, we are proud to offer a wide selection of services. We will meet any of your needs with our vast ADA accessible location. Our family wishes to help your family at this difficult time.

Funeral services are usually offered in three unrestricted forms by funeral homes.

1. Traditional Full Services: These funerals traditionally have a visitation the evening prior to the funeral service. The funeral service is then followed with earthly burial.
2. Graveside Services: Held at the cemetery, these services are conducted at a set date and time without any services at the funeral home.
3. Cremation Services: Cremation can be a direct cremation that has no services or can incorporate services at the funeral home or elsewhere.

Personalization options

In this time of personalization and change, any of these three funeral services can be customized to fit each individual family's needs and wishes which we encourage at Baier Funeral Home. This can range from small items to immense items.

Funeral cost for these services is determined by several factors including the choices of the family. Like any item or service such as the gas in your car or the clothes that you wear, funeral costs also rise with inflation. With such a varying selection of services and products, our directors are sure to accommodate every family we serve in choosing options that suit that family and loved one's wishes.

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